Muscle For the journey

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Muscle for the Journey is a private fitness studio for the misfits, unexpected conquerors, and adventurers. My fitness studio will provide personal training, yoga, massage, and small group training in a welcoming environment that also forces clients to confront discomfort and push beyond presupposed limits.


My business is different from the competition because it steps outside the normal gym environment and cookie-cutter personal training to provide a client-focused environment with training goals that are more than appearance based.


- Provide unique care to each client without using a cookie cutter approach

- Offer the highest quality personal training services

- Walk alongside each client to achieve each goal

- Strive to address the client's needs holistically

- Maintain services that are among the top-rated personal training services in town



(515) 250-0835



7012 Madison Ave Suite E

Urbandale, IA 50322



M 5:30a-7:30p

T 6:30a-6:30p

W 5:30a-7:30p

Th 6:30a-6:30p

F 5:30a-10:00a

S 8:00a-12:00p



 - Monthly, detailed routines with specific main and accessory improvements

 - Tailor-designed Excel spreadsheet programs for each client, no two programs exactly alike

 - Video evaluations of lifts, as necessary

 - Continuous review of programming to guarantee it is best suited for the lifter

 - Designed to address weaknesses and take the lifter out of his/her comfort zone

General Fitness

 - Includes 3-6 workouts to be used on a monthly basis

 - Evaluated regularly and changed as needed

 - Uniquely written to suit each client's fitness needs and desires


Aaron Chapman
I began powerlifting in December of 2014 and did my first powerlifting meet at the end of March 2015. After reviewing the meet pictures and videos I knew I needed help fixing the form on my big three lifts. I asked around the gym and some other trainers and Bridget came highly recommended. Since training with Bridget my lifts are much more solid and my technique has improved greatly. I’m lifting much heavier and much safer now. I really enjoy training with Bridget and her no B.S. approach. She motivates me when I need it and calls me out on my excuses when I’m struggling. I wouldn’t be as far as I am today without her help.
Samantha Salem
Since training with Bridget, my body has accomplished things that I never thought it could! I have lost inches and pounds, gained muscle, and most importantly, gained confidence in myself. Bridget is extremely attentive to your body type and the specific goals you want to reach. She creates routines specifically based around those things and takes the time to explain any new workouts thoroughly. On top of all of this, she is a blast to work with, which makes the sometimes tedious task of getting yourself to the gym something to look forward to.
Danielle Haargens
A few months ago I made one of the best purchases for myself. A living social for a month of sessions with muscle for the journey.  I recently had done crossfit for over two years and it was killing my body. I was doing things incorrectly and was paying for it. I had gym hopped for a while hoping to find something with the results of crossfit but better for my body.  I researched Bridget on her page and social media sites.  I wanted someone with a knowledgeable base of understanding the body and the effects of working out.  Not just some random person who is in shape who thinks they know everything. She not only had an extensive knowledge of lifting but a passion for doing it correctly. After the first contact with her, I was excited. She seemed very energetic.  She was also very accommodating to my crazy schedule which is a HUGE PLUS with me. Since then, I have continued going to Bridget to focus on improving my strength, in the correct way. She is always listening to my goals and making sure my programming is designed to help meet them. I was training wrong for two years and she took the time to break down movements to help me better understand. She thinks outside the box on how to retrain my mind as well.  She keeps sessions challenging and is constantly changing the programming to keep me focused.  I am beyond happy with my results and can't wait to see my progress after more than just a few months. 
Jim Lovell

Just want to thank you for all of your help as my personal trainer! What a difference you have helped me to make in my fitness and as a result in my life. I am stronger, more fit and better able to take on my daily tasks. I stand up all day long with lead on and my lifting and work outs have helped prevent problems that other cardiologist have experienced. I'm sure that with your help I have both avoided injury and have extended my years in the Cath lab. I'm not training for records or competitions but for life!  I look forward to a healthy active future. 
You are the best!
Annie Webb
I have just recently started training with Bridget, and I love it. I first met Bridget, at a meet when she was training my brother, Alex. Before the meet Alex had nothing, but good to say about Bridget. After the meet it was still the same. This summer I talked to my brother and he said that I should just go and try it out. Ever since the first day I went, I haven't stopped. Bridget always is making sure I'm doing things right, has a smile on her face while doing it, and pushing me to become better.