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Muscle For the journey

personal training



Muscle for the Journey is a private fitness studio for the misfits, unexpected conquerors, and adventurers. My fitness studio will provide personal training, yoga, massage, and small group training in a welcoming environment that also forces clients to confront discomfort and push beyond presupposed limits.


My business is different from the competition because it steps outside the normal gym environment and cookie-cutter personal training to provide a client-focused environment with training goals that are more than appearance based.


- Provide unique care to each client without using a cookie cutter approach

- Offer the highest quality personal training services

- Walk alongside each client to achieve each goal

- Strive to address the client's needs holistically

- Maintain services that are among the top-rated personal training services in town



(515) 250-0835



7012 Madison Ave Suite E

Urbandale, IA 50322



By Appointment Only



 - Monthly, detailed routines with specific main and accessory improvements

 - Tailor-designed Excel spreadsheet programs for each client, no two programs exactly alike

 - Video evaluations of lifts, as necessary

 - Continuous review of programming to guarantee it is best suited for the lifter

 - Designed to address weaknesses and take the lifter out of his/her comfort zone

General Fitness

 - Includes 3-6 workouts to be used on a monthly basis

 - Evaluated regularly and changed as needed

 - Uniquely written to suit each client's fitness needs and desires