My name is Bridget Smith and I am the owner of Muscle for the Journey, LLC.  My personal fitness journey did not fully begin until after graduating college, although the seeds were constantly being planted throughout my life. I have competed in an NGA (natural) figure competition and in a USAPL Bench Press Meet and a USAPL full meet. I am currently seeking to gain muscle mass to compete in the Physique division in a year or two and also planning to continue to compete in USAPL meets.

I am a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Having learned extensively from my peers and through constant studies of the subject, I have enjoyed learning about various interests within fitness. I enjoy writing programs for people at varying levels in their fitness journey. I will customize your routine for the time and experience you have. Listening to your goals, I will strive to find a program that you will fall in love with as you progress. I will seek to push and encourage you along the way and help you in your journey to gain better health which in turn will impact your life, confidence, and attitude.

I believe fitness is more than appearance, it’s a mental journey. Join me.